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Spam by Mohamed

De dimineaţă verific mailurile şi impliciti şi spam-urile , iar unul dintre spam-uri mi-a atras atenţia . Titlul era : TOP SECRET ! , şi , curios de fire , îl deschid şi îl citesc . Cine are un minimum de cunoştinţe despre engleză îl va înţelege , cine nu puteţi traduce aici :

Good Day,
I am Mr Omar Mohamed the Manager of Audit & Accounts Department with BANK OF AFRICA BURKINA FASO WEST AFRICA (BOA). I am writing to request your assistance to transfer the sum of $30,000, 000.00 (Thirty Million United States dollars) into your accounts.
The above sum belongs to one of our deceased customer who died along with his entire family in the Kenya plane crash and since then the fund has been in a dormant account and after my further investigation, I discovered that the deceased died with his suppose next of kin and according to the laws and constitution guiding this banking institution which state that after the expiration of (7) Seven years, if nobody comes for the claim as the next of kin to the deceased customer; the bank management will have no other option rather than to channel the fund into the bank treasury account as unclaimed fund.
However, my primary aim is for you to put claim as the next of kin to the deceased so that our bank will accord you the recognition as cousin to the deceased and have the fund transfer to your account.
The total sum will be shared as follows: 60% for me, 35% for you and 5% for any expences that might be incure during the time of transfer and of which the transfer is 100% risk free on both sides hence you are going to follow my instruction until you confirm the fund in your account.
Hoping to read and my regards to your family,
Mr Omar Mohamed.
Foarte tare ăsta :)) . De unde le vin aşa idei ăstora ?